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Milk powder can offer several health benefits for older adults

As it is a nutrient-dense food that can help to support overall health and wellbeing. Here are some of the key health benefits of milk powder for older adults:



Provides essential nutrients: Milk powder is a good source of several essential nutrients, including calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients are important for maintaining strong bones, muscles, and overall health.



Helps to maintain a healthy weight: Milk powder can be used as a low-fat alternative to liquid milk, which can be beneficial for older adults who are trying to maintain a healthy weight. It can also be used to make low-fat dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.


Supports immune function: Milk powder contains several nutrients, such as zinc and vitamins A and D, which can help to support immune function. This is particularly important for older adults, who may be more vulnerable to infections and illnesses.



May help to lower blood pressure: Milk powder contains bioactive peptides, which are thought to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. This could be particularly beneficial for older adults, who may be at a higher risk of hypertension.



Can be easier to digest: Some older adults may find it difficult to digest liquid milk, particularly if they are lactose intolerant. Milk powder can be easier to digest, as it contains less lactose than liquid milk.

Overall, milk powder can be a beneficial addition to the diets of older adults, providing essential nutrients, supporting immune function, and potentially helping to lower blood pressure. However, it is important to speak to a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet, particularly if you have any underlying health conditions.